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Corinne Winters Glass

Corinne Winters Glass - My Stoney Pony Dab Rig Set 15

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Here in Stoney Pony land, friendship is magic. And what would be more magical than being friends with White Widow, the Stony Pony Dab RIg? Created by Corinne Winters, this cute little white horse figurine will absolutely steal your heart with her big round hand painted eyes. Forming a tripod base with her two hind legs and tail, White Widow securely sits in the rearing pose. Complete Dab Rig set includes matching vapor dome, slide, dabber & pendant. For ages 21 and up.

Handcrafted Dab Rig Set Features:

  • My Stony Pony White Widow Dab RIg Set by Corinne Winters
  • Individually Numbered: #15
  • Fixed Downstem 
  • Dab Rig Joint: 14mm Male
  • Matching Heart-Shaped Slide with Push Bowl & Skull Marble 
  • Slide Joint: Hand Ground 14mm Female
  • Matching Heart-Shaped Vapor Dome with Skull Marble 
  • Vapor Dome Joint: Hand Ground 14mm Female
  • Concentrate Dabber with Skull Marble 
  • Dabber Length: 4.00 inches
  • Stony Pony White Widow Themed Pendant 
  • Pendant Size: 2.50" x 2.50 inches
  • Signed: W 2014
  • Made in California