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The Hash Press by Cosmic Case is used to press your kief or resin into a hard more smoke friendly tablet. Simply collect your resin (pollen) from any grinder, resin catcher or dry sifting screen set, remove one pin and put your resin in the middle. Once in the press, place the removed pin back in the press and screw the lid back on. For best results, let sit overnight allowing resin to ferment together and form a hard Resin Tablet. Remove from the press and enjoy!

Why Press?

Pressing means to use heat and pressure to compress your medicinal kief or pollen extract into one piece. Through this process the remaining moisture is removed and the density (important for the rate of combustion) is determined. It also makes transport and consumption much easier. By using state-of-the-art screening methods (for example, Pollinator, Ice-O-Lator or Bubble Bags) everyone can produce highest-quality resin powder today – it’s not just an expert business anymore. To avoid impurities in the material gentle pressing is a must. Gentle mechanical pressing is the only way to provide for a crusty surface, which protects the material from oxidation and consequently also from the decay of the active agent. When resin is pressed without too much heat exposure (the most efficient way is to use a hairdryer) hardly any resin glands will burst and the natural coloring of the high-quality crystals won’t change. However, gentle heat of 170° Fahrenheit (75° Celsius) maximum is required, since fresh THC contained in the material comes as acid and, in its chemically neutral form, needs to be activated to take the desired psychoactive effect.

Hash Press Features:

  • Diameter: .075 inch
  • Width: 2.50 inches
  • Includes Two Hard Plastic Pins
  • Use with 0.75" inch Press Foils
  • Made in California