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CVault Curing & Storage Container - Large
CVault Curing & Storage Container - Large
CVault Curing & Storage Container - Large

CVault - Curing & Storage Container - Large

Regular price $29.99

CVault storage & curing containers are the ultimate containers due to the airtight, light weight & durable design that's impenetrable to light.  By combining the CVault container with the 62% Boveda creates the perfect holding environment for your product. By maintaining your product at an ideal and constant relative humidity means your product will not lose or gain any moisture. Instead, your product will be maintained at its ideal 62% moisture level throughout its intended lifespan.

Boveda is ideal for storing and curing (aging) cannabis that has already been dried. While Boveda is effective in moisture removal, the standard method of hanging in a dry environment is most effective. When you feel the plant is close to the intended moisture content for curing, Boveda will do the fine tuning for perfect long term storage. Grow it, dry it, package it with Boveda & CVault. You get perfect long term curing for the best possible cannabis.

Container Features:

  • Unique, patent-pending shape and technology
  • Thick silicone ring for airtight seal
  • Rounded bottom
  • Multiple latch design
  • Patent pending locking system utilizing zip ties or cable locks
  • Custom Boveda pak holder on lid's underside
  • Wide-mouth opening for easy access
  • Food grade stainless steel for easy cleaning and UV protection
  • Tapered sides so bowls nest for compact storage
  • Molded stacking ring on lid enables stacking filled jars for display
  • Container size: large
  • Container diameter: 4.75" or 12cm
  • Container height / depth: 2.50" or 6.5cm
  • Holding capacity: 28 to 50 grams
  • Includes two 8 gram 62% Boveda paks
  • Made in California
8 Gram 62% Boveda Features:
  • Ideal for small containers and travel humidors
  • Provides a perfectly stable environment for the storage of tobacco, food and marijuana
  • No loss of oils, character or flavors
  • Made of all natural elements; salt & water
  • Monitors ambient humidity and adds or removes moisture to maintain the RH engineered into the pack to an accuracy of +/- 1% with zero activation or maintenance needed
  • Pack dimensions: 2.5" tall x 2.75" wide
  • Made in Minnesota
CVault - Curing & Storage Container - Large has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.