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Diamond - 7mm Shower Head Beaker Bongs

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Elevate your smoking experience with the Shower Head Beaker Bong by Diamond Glass – a masterpiece that combines quality, affordability, and functionality. Crafted with precision, this 7mm thick glass beaker bong is your ticket to smooth and enjoyable sessions, right out of the box.

💎 Quality Meets Affordability: Designed to perfection, this beaker bong boasts a robust 7mm glass thickness, ensuring durability and longevity. It's a cheap bong that doesn't compromise on quality.

🌪️ Shower Head Perfection: The upper chamber showcases a shower head diffuser, expertly designed to deliver impeccable filtration for clean and smooth hits. The added ice notches elevate your experience by allowing you to enjoy cool, refreshing draws.

🍃 Ready to Enjoy: With a 14mm flower slide included, this beaker bong is all set for your smoking pleasure. No assembly required – just load and enjoy.

🎈 Daily Companion: Crafted from quality boro glass, this bong is the perfect size for daily use, making it an essential part of your smoking routine.

❄️ Cool Touch: The straight neck design comes with three ice pinches, allowing you to add ice cubes for an even cooler and smoother smoking experience.

🏛️ Classic Beaker Base: The beaker-shaped water chamber not only adds visual appeal but also enhances stability, ensuring your sessions are hassle-free.

🔑 Branded Excellence: Adorned with Diamond Glass logos, this bong is a mark of quality and authenticity.

Cherish every hit with the Shower Head Beaker Bong by Diamond Glass:

🌬️ Smooth Draws: Experience the epitome of filtration with the shower head diffuser, delivering clean, smooth hits that satisfy.

🌟 Affordable Luxury: This beaker bong combines affordability with quality, proving that you don't have to compromise on excellence.

🎁 Ready to Go: With a 14mm flower slide included, this bong arrives ready to make every session a delight.

Unlock the world of quality, affordability, and classic design with Diamond Glass. Upgrade your sessions, elevate your experiences, and add the Shower Head Beaker Bong to your collection today. Discover the difference that precision and craftsmanship can bring to your smoking journey. Get yours now and enjoy the art of smoking at its finest.

Added June 18, 2021