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Fatboy Glass - Straight Fab Bongs

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The Fatboy Glass 14mm Straight Fab Bongs are a very effective rig for herb, oil, or wax smoking. The base of the water chamber features a fixed Seed of Life Perc to diffuse your smoke or vapor and increase airflow through the chamber, while the angled mouthpiece provides splash-proof hits. These dab rigs are available in a variety of wonderful colors and feature the perfect joint for a 14mm quartz banger. Fatboy Glass affordable bubblers and dab rigs are American made in Orange County, California from quality boro glass.

Fab Rig Features:

  • Bent neck mouthpiece with flared lip
  • 18-Hole Fab Perc
  • Fixed Seed of Life percolator
  • Reinforced 14mm female banger hanger joint
  • American borosilicate glass
  • Boro glass
  • Approximate height: 12.5 inches
  • Height to top of rig joint: 5.5 inches
  • Base Diameter: 4 inches
  • Glass color: Potion CFL
  • Etched Fatboy Glass logo
  • Made in California, U.S.A.

Added May 13, 2022