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GRAV - Octobowl Screen Slides

Choose Your Glass Joint Size 14mm
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Elevate your smoking experience with the GRAV Glass Octobowl Screen Slides! These replacement bong bowls are more than just popular but exceptionally functional and budget-friendly. Crafted to fit seamlessly into any water pipe with a female joint, each cup-style flower bowl has a fixed 8-point daisy screen. This ingenious design not only enhances airflow but also effectively prevents annoying clogs.

Designed with precision and pride in Texas, USA, by the renowned Dave Daily, the Octobowls boast exceptional craftsmanship. Including a roll stop handle ensures effortless handling, while the generously sized bowl allows for extended smoking sessions. Whether you prefer a 14mm or 18mm male joint size, we've covered you with options to suit your needs.

Upgrade your smoking setup today and enjoy the following features:

  • Fixed 8-point diffusion screen for smoother hits
  • Choice of 14mm or 18mm male joint to fit your water pipe
  • Convenient roll stop handle for easy use
  • Spacious bowl for longer, more enjoyable smoking sessions
  • Proudly designed in the USA, right in the heart of Texas

Enhance your smoking ritual with GRAV Glass Octobowl Screen Slides, the perfect addition to take your sessions to the next level. Order yours now!

Added October 6, 2018