Happy Daddy Products

Happy Daddy - Slinger Dabber Tools - Green

Experience the Ultimate Accessory for Concentrate Convenience! Fueled by extensive research, Happy Daddy Products have finally produced a solution for people who require multiple concentrate dabbers. Their answer is simply called "The Slinger." This revolutionary device is the swiss army knife of concentrate accessories. Made from grade 2 titanium, the Slinger features a key ring with five different dabbers securely attached. Imagine five different concentrate utensils combined into one! The included 22" lanyard with detachable key ring conveniently allows you to take The Slinger with you everywhere you go.

Concentrate Dabber Features:

  • Key ring with 5 different dabbers
  • Each dabber is 2.50 inches or longer
  • Made of Grade 2 titanium
  • 22.50 inch Green lanyard with detachable key ring
  • Logo: Happy Daddy Products
  • Made in Oregon

Dabbers Included Are:

  • Globfather II Shovel tip
  • 45 Degree Circle tip dabber
  • 90 Degree Circle tip dabber
  • 45 Degree Spade tip dabber
  • 90 Degree Spade Tip dabber