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Highly Educated

Highly Educated - Pink UniTi Carb Cap

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The UniTi Cap is our first universal cap which fits all the domeless nails from Highly Educated. The UniTi Cap differs from traditional carb caps by utilizing layered intake holes which, when operated without interruption, switch from one hole to two as the size of the nail head increases. The top hole can be finger regulated allowing for single hole intake on larger nails. The switch from a vortex hole to dual skimmer holes helps prevent the reclaim from building up as fast in the cap requiring you to clean it less frequently, though admittedly, the added layers make it slightly harder to clean. The cap sits shallower on the enails head and no longer crashes into an upside down coil exit bar. The added mass from the new layers make it stand sturdy when the dabber is attached to the side. The added mass also allows for the cap to heat up slower which prevents it from getting too hot when used properly. The UniTi Cap still offers the dual handle option from the previous V2 Carb Cap. The UniTi Cap is a more versatile carb cap than its predecessors. The UniTi Carb Cap attaches to any Highly Educated V3 Shaft and V3 accessories for an extended handle, or you may upgrade your Carb Cap with a Highly Educated Carb Cap Dabber Attachment. V3 Shafts and Carb Cap Dabber Attachments sold separately.

Titanium UniTi Carb Cap Features:

  • Compatible Nails: HE DualiTi / HE InfiniTi Large Cap / HE InfiniTi Small Cap / HE E-nail Inserts / HE TriniTi / HE 10mm V2 Domeless / HE 14mm V2 Domeless
  • Compatible Attachments: HE M/S/L/XL shafts, CC Ball Point Dabber, CC Flat Tip Dabber (Sold Separately)
  • Logo: Highly Educated Engraved Logo
  • Material: Grade 2 Titanium
  • Anodized Pink Titanium
  • Polished Easy to Clean Surface
  • Made in the U.S.A.