Ice-O-Lator - 8 Bag 5 Gallon Bubbleator Bag Kit

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8 Bag 5 Gallon Bubble Bag Kit by Ice-O-Lator utilize an ice & water method to extract concentrated resin from marijuana. The 5 gallon filter bags have a maximum 500 gram capacity. These bubble bags utilize nylon micron filters to extract pollen extracts from flowers while dust particles and plant waste stay behind in the ice water. Bags come in 8 different micron sizes to collect a variety of extracts. Micron sizes included are 220, 185, 120, 90, 70, 45, 38, and 25. Bags are made of thick durable material with reinforced stitching for long term rugged use. Draw strings securely attach bags to wash buckets.

Bubbleator Bag Kit Features:

  • 8 different size micron screens
  • Size: 5 gallon
  • Heat stamped screens for consistent pore size
  • Reinforced stitched nylon fabric
  • Made in Netherlands

5 Gallon 8 Bag Kit includes:

  • 25µ bag
  • 38µ bag
  • 45µ bag
  • 70µ bag
  • 90µ bag
  • 120µ bag
  • 185µ bag
  • 220µ bag
  • (µ = micron)

The 5 Gallon Ice-O-Lator bags can process up to 500 grams (dry weight) of plant material at a time.