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What is Joint Wax?

Joint Wax is a 100% all-natural custom wax blend that protects scientific and other glass joints.

Why do I Want Joint Wax?

Joint Wax Prevents Glass Grinding & Frozen Joints. It doesn’t slip; it grips and holds to secure your glass joints.

How do I use Joint Wax?

  • Apply Joint Wax liberally to the entire male joint surface before connecting
  • Twist the joints while inserting to coat both surfaces evenly to prevent glass grinding
  • Adjust the joints into the final position, and you’re done
  • To disconnect the joint, rotate one side while pulling the joint apart
  • DO NOT pull the joints apart without rotating, as damage to the glass may occur

Joint Wax Features:

  • Single Tube: Net Weight 0.15oz/4.3g
  • Made in Texas, U.S.A.