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Elevate your smoking experience with the exquisitely designed Gridded Stemline Percolator Bongs from Kovacs Glass. Each piece is a testament to the art of superior craftsmanship and innovative design, originating from the skilled artisans of Oregon. These bongs are not just smoking accessories; they are masterpieces of precision and style.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted Precision: Every bong is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring that each piece highlights the intricate grid work on the stemline style percolator. This attention to detail guarantees a unique piece every time.

  • Premium Materials: Constructed from high-quality Simax tubing and featuring durable German glass joints, these bongs promise not only longevity but also a consistently smooth smoking experience.

  • Optimal Cooling: Equipped with three ice pinches, this bong is designed for cooler and smoother hits, elevating your smoking sessions to new heights.

  • Enhanced Diffusion: The reinforced gridded StemLine Perc is engineered for superior diffusion, enhancing both the flavor and smoothness of every draw.

  • Ready to Use: Comes with an 18mm male four-hole slide, complete with a unique horn handle, making it ready for use right out of the box.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Design: Stemless with a reinforced structure for durability.
  • Material: Crafted from premium Simax tubing with German glass joints.
  • Ice Pinches: Three strategically placed for cooler hits.
  • Percolator: Reinforced Gridded Stemline Perc for superior diffusion.
  • Joint: Stemless 18mm Female.
  • Slide: Includes a four-hole slide with horn handle, 18mm Male.
  • Dimensions: Approximate height of 16 inches, with a height to the top of the slide at 7 inches. Body diameter is 44mm, and glass thickness is 4mm.
  • Base: Stable, with a diameter of 5 inches.
  • Finish: All saw cuts are expertly flame-polished for a smooth finish.
  • Origin: Proudly handcrafted in Oregon, U.S.A.

Experience Luxury and Functionality:

Kovacs Glass combines design and functionality to bring you the pinnacle of smoking luxury. Each Gridded Stemline Percolator Bong is not just a tool but an experience, promising to enhance your sessions with its unparalleled quality and performance. Embrace the art of smoking with Kovacs Glass – where every draw is a journey in itself.

    Added on June 10, 2021