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Mamiko - Big Apple Cookies Cannabis Seeds

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 Mamiko Seeds, in the development of Big Apple Cookies (NYCD x GSC), in order to add a more Sativa trait to Girl Scout Cookies, has used an old NYCD elite cut. It brings fruity and citric tangerine aromas. A very sweet plant that achieved great popularity in the early 2000's in the most elite grower circles. It was awarded in a large number of competitions in Amsterdam and Europe.

Since then, Mamiko Seeds continues to keep the NYCD Mandarina clone locked away in its genetic collection. It is an earlier variety than the popular Tangie, with a much more noble and refined terpenes.

Big Apple Cookies has a very pleasant and simple cultivation. A plant that grows with more strength and vigour than Girl Scout Cookies. It shows a much more slender growth pattern, with a good stretching in early flowering and even doubling in size. It is recommended to use tutors in the main branches. It adapts very well to all types of cultivation, developing in an extraordinary way by applying a light fertilization plan with no surplus. Indoors it can be cultivated in a hydroponic system with no problem.

It produces tight flowers that swell and increase its bracts disproportionately, and raising cannabinoid levels significantly. Mamiko recommends, in order obtaining the maximum potential of its wide terpenes profile and maximum organoleptic properties, a cultivation in soil in the most possible organic way.

Big Apple Cookies is optimal in techniques such as SOG, SCROG or LST. In outdoor cultivation, providing enough space for the roots, it can reach a large size and deliver an excellent yield for self-sufficiency throughout the year.

Big Apple Cookies by Mamiko Seeds, tangerine and butter biscuit flavor.

Big Apple Cookies exhibits a variety of phenotypes, all in line with what is expected from this amazing hybrid. They show spectacular colorations, with creamy, sweet and earthy terpenes along with tangerine citric aromas inherited from the selected NYCD clone. Certainly a treat for the palate.

Big Apple Cookies produces Indica Sativa effects in a great balance, with a mental and physical relaxation that allows us to go about our daily activities with no physical heaviness. The sweet intoxicating smoke helps with socializing, perfect as an after-dinner dessert with tangerine-flavored buttery biscuits. Certainly, a good chat is the perfect plan to enjoy good times with friends.

Big Apple Cookies offers high-end extractions, with the gland preserving the terpenes and delivering a 5-star quality result.

 Big Apple Cookies Information:

  • Six Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Genetics: NYCD Mandarina x Girl Scout Cookies Forum cut
  • Genotype: Indica Sativa Hybrid
  • Indoor Flowering: 8 - 9 Weeks
  • Outdoor Harvest: October
  • Yield: Medium / High

Added on January 6, 2023

DISCLAIMER: These seeds are sold for genetic preservation purposes only.