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Mamiko - Chemdelice Cannabis Seeds

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ChemDelice is the cross between (Chem 91 x Kosher Kush) x Forum Cookies. Chem 91 cut is a Chem family phenotype, with a fruity influence and a strong gassy aroma. It is a plant with very good vigor and high glandular quality. It is not an intrusive variety in terms of genetic contribution in the crosses, yet it displays certain traits of dominance.

Kosher Kush originated in Los Angeles, where a group of Jews enjoyed this magnificent herb called "Jew Gold". It offers a strong and very relaxing effect with a strong odor. Chem91 meets Kosher Kush to produce a plant of very good size and robust structure, very easy to work with.

A hybrid with strong branches that generally supports well the flowers weight. Forum Cookies contributes to the Chem91 x Kosher Kush hybrid, enriching bouquet, increasing the potency and improving the presence.

Chemdelice adapts to all growing mediums and modalities, benefiting from an organic cultivation in soil with a moderate and progressive nutrition. In outdoor cultivation and provided with good space, it becomes a huge yielder. A vigorous plant with a very solid structure, dark green tone and very grateful cultivation.

It produces massive and dense flowers of very greasy touch due to the flower glands quantity. Chemdelice is an exceptional plant for making concentrates, thanks to its extreme glandular quality and terpenes abundance. In the final flowering stage, it presents a beautiful coloring bag appeal.

Chemdelice offers sweet flavors inherited from Chem 91, with strong ripe fruit undertones that blend with the distinctive Forum Cookies aromatic character. A fine and distinct hybrid that pleases both the olfactory and gustatory senses, which undoubtedly surprises even the most experienced consumer.

Flavors and aromas accompanied by strong effects thanks to the high cannabinoid and terpenes content. These effects are soon perceived, with muscle relaxation and peace of mind. It is a variety not very suitable for tasks that require a high level of concentration, on the contrary, very suitable for relaxing anywhere and also for socializing. It can help us when we have difficulties to fall asleep.

Chemdelice Information:

  • Six Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Genetics:  (Chem 91 x Kosher Kush) x Forum Cookies
  • Genotype: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
  • Indoor Flowering: 9-10 Weeks

Added on January 20, 2023

DISCLAIMER: These seeds are sold for genetic preservation purposes only.