Manifest Glassworks

Manifest Glassworks - CIRQ Beaker Bong

The American made Manifest Glass CIRQ perc beaker bong. This dual diffused water pipe features a removable 6-slit downstem and fixed upper chamber CIRQ percolator. The beaker style water chamber adds diffusion and water capacity. This quality beaker is made from 45mm diameter tubing and has 3 ice pinches for those of you who prefer to cool their smoke. This bong includes a 3-pinch flower bowl making it ready to rip right out of the box. Shop online or visit our Riverside, CA location to view our wide selection of glass bongs for sale including more water pipes from MGW Glass. 

Bong Features: 

  • Double diffused beaker body design
  • Removable 14/18mm multi-slit diffused downstem
  • Fixed CIRQ perc and splash guard
  • Includes 14mm pinch slide with maria handle
  • Downstem length: 6.25 inches
  • Made from quality boro glass
  • Comes with 3-ice pinches
  • 45mm diameter tubing 
  • Approximate bong height: 20 inches
  • MGW lion logos 
  • Sizes may vary
  • Made in the USA

Added September 6, 2018