Scientific Inhalations

McFinn's - Triple-Filtered Four Arm Bubbler Set

The original and ultimate in smoking filtration. McFinn's Triple-Filtered Water Pipes are all individually hand blown in the USA by professional glass blowers using high-quality German joints and Simex or Schott glass. Each pipe comes with either Standard or Ultra sized filters, bowl, mouthpiece, a tube of Activated Virgin Coconut Carbon, a tube of Organic Cotton, and pics to assist with the removal of used carbon and cotton. Filters can be filled with Organic Cotton or Virgin Coconut Carbon. Help your body experience the benefits of a cooler, cleaner delivery method and still retain the potency and flavor of your medicine.

Triple Filtered Bubbler Features:

  • Green Four Arm Perc with 2 slits and 1 hole per arm
  • All joints are 18mm 
  • Base diameter: 4.50 inches
  • Two 18mm standard McFinn's filter adapters 
  • Removable glass mouthpiece 
  • 18mm honeycomb diffusion slide
  • 1 tube Virgin Coconut Carbon
  • 1 tube Organic Cotton filters
  • 2 metal keck-clips
  • Red & Green Scientific Inhalations logo
  • Made in California