Obi Glass

Obi Glass - Fumed Stemline Rigs

The Gridded Stemline Dab Rig from Obi Glass. This American Made wax bong features a Reinforced Gridded Stemline Perc for extra diffusion and smooth powerful hits and features a 14mm female joint. These fumed oil rigs would look great with a titanium domeless nail or your favorite quartz banger but would function well as a flower bong too. Each dab rig is handblown in Southern California from quality boro glass and features beautiful fume work in either Silver, Gold or Pink.

Wax Rig Features:

  • Stemless, splash-less design
  • Slender angled mouthpiece
  • Fuming on base, neck and mouthpiece
  • Reinforced Gridded Stemline Perc
  • Approximate rig height: 12 inches
  • Height to top of rig joint: 6 inches
  • Flared foot base diameter: 4.5 inches
  • Actual sizes may vary
  • Clear & Fumed Scientific Glass
  • Logo: Black Obi Glass label
  • Fuming may vary slightly from photo
  • Made in Southern California

Added October 31, 2018