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Oil Slick - Black Mix Slick Stack Micro

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Introducing the Black Mix Slick Stack Micros by Oil Slick, a comprehensive set that includes five micro concentrate containers, each designed to hold 1.5 grams of your favorite extracts. These containers are crafted from the highest quality non-stick, medical-grade platinum-cured silicone, a hallmark of Oil Slick products known for their durability and safety. The design of these containers is ingeniously simple yet highly effective; they can be easily split in half to reveal a non-stick, pliable concentrate dish that is perfect for handling a variety of concentrate forms. With a gentle squeeze and release, the flexible dish allows for the concentrate to effortlessly snap away from the container, significantly enhancing your dabbing experience.

The Slick Stack Micros are specifically designed to make the process of dabbing—from crumbly budders to more fluid water extracts—as seamless and effortless as possible. This is achieved by ensuring that the concentrates adhere to your dabber tool rather than the dish, thereby minimizing waste and maximizing your enjoyment.

Key Features of the Concentrate Dish include:

  • A set of five micro concentrate containers, providing ample storage for different extracts or for sharing with friends.
  • Constructed from non-stick, medical-grade platinum-cured silicone, ensuring that your concentrates remain pure and uncontaminated.
  • Designed to ensure that dry or stable extracts adhere to your dabber tool instead of the container, facilitating a cleaner and more efficient dabbing process.
  • Each container comes with a storage case, offering additional protection and convenience for carrying your concentrates.
  • The containers are available in a sleek black color, accompanied by random colors for a touch of variety and personalization.
  • With a compact diameter of 1 inch, these containers are discreet, portable, and perfect for on-the-go use.
  • Each container is specifically sized to hold 1.5 grams of concentrate, making it easy to manage dosages and types of extracts.
  • The product is the result of extensive design and research conducted in Washington, reflecting a commitment to innovation and user satisfaction.
  • Proudly made in Belgium, ensuring that each container meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

The Black Mix Slick Stack Micros by Oil Slick represents the perfect combination of functionality, style, and convenience for dab enthusiasts. Whether you're at home or on the move, these containers offer a reliable and efficient way to store and enjoy your concentrates, all while maintaining the integrity and purity of your extracts.