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RAW - Classic Kingsize Slim Papers

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Experience the purity of RAW Unbleached Rolling Papers, a game-changer in the world of smoking. Crafted for the discerning smoker who seeks authenticity and quality, these papers stand out as a testament to RAW's commitment to delivering a less processed and more natural experience.

Dive into the details, and you'll understand why these aren't just any rolling papers:

  • Unparalleled Purity: Made from a blend of unbleached and non-chemically whitened fibers, these papers offer a smoking experience that's as close to nature as it gets. The natural tan hue of the papers isn't just aesthetically pleasing; it's a mark of their purity.

  • Eco-Friendly & Vegan: In line with RAW's ethos, these papers are 100% chlorine-free, ensuring you're not inhaling any harmful chemicals. Moreover, they're 100% vegan, making them the choice for the environmentally conscious smoker.

  • See the Difference: So thin they're almost transparent, you can literally see the quality of these papers. This thinness ensures a smooth, even burn, enhancing your smoking experience.

  • Watermarked for Quality: Each paper comes with RAW's unique watermark. This isn't just for branding; it ensures that your smoke burns evenly, without any runs.

  • Perfect Size: The Kingsize Slim dimensions are ideal for those who prefer a longer smoke. Each pack contains 32 papers, ensuring you're set for a good while.

  • Authentic Origins: Made in Spain, these papers carry with them a legacy of European craftsmanship and quality.

In a world filled with processed products, RAW Unbleached Rolling Papers offer a refreshing return to nature. They invite you to savor your smoke in its purest form, free from any adulterations. So, the next time you light up, make sure it's with RAW. Experience the difference, and elevate your smoking ritual.

    Added on June 10, 2016