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RAW Papers - Classic Black Rolling Tips

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Experience a refined smoking session with Rolling Paper Tips by Raw Papers. Designed to enhance your rolling experience, these tips prevent undesirable soggy ends, ensuring each drag is as enjoyable as the first. Crafted from unbleached paper, they are 100% chlorine and chemical-free, prioritizing your health with every puff. The perforated hemp cotton design ensures easy rolling for a perfect fit every time. With 50 tips in each book, you're set for numerous sessions. Elevate your smoking ritual with Raw Rolling Paper Tips.

Rolling Paper Tips Features:

  • Crafted from unbleached paper
  • 100% chlorine and chemical-free
  • Perforated hemp cotton for easy rolling
  • 50 premium quality tips per book
  • Designed for a superior smoking experience

Made with dedication to quality and the environment. Choose Raw for a difference you can taste and feel.

Added on September 7, 2022