RooR Glass

RooR Tech - 10-Arm Bubbler

The RooR Tech 10-Arm Bubbler bong has a stemless body design with a long, slender mouthpiece with a flared lip for comfort. This high-end bubbler features an Orange RooR Tech logo and a see-through water chamber. A reinforced multi-slit 10-Arm Perc is fixed to the base to provide exceptional bubbles and maximum volume within the can-shaped water chamber. Start smoking herb right away with the included 18mm RooR classic 3-pinch bong slide or use a dropdown adapter to convert this bubbler into the perfect daily dab rig.

Beaker Features:

  • Authentic RooR Tech Bubbler
  • Serial number authenticator tag 
  • Stemless, splash-less body design 
  • Fixed 10-Arm Tree Perc
  • Reinforced 18mm female joint
  • Clear, quality scientific glass
  • RooR 3 pinch slide included
  • Complete bong height: 9 inches
  • Wide base diameter: 6 inches
  • Thick, premium boro glass
  • Registered RooR Tech label
  • Designed in Germany
  • Handblown in the USA

Added April 16, 2019