RooR Glass

RooR Tech x PAG - Custom Splatter Rigs

Custom Splatter Dab Rigs are a collaboration between RooR Tech Glass x Phatt Ass Glass. This oil rig offers exceptional function, quality craftsmanship and is handblown locally in Southern California. The reinforced Splatter Perc offers classic diffusion by evenly distributing the airflow throughout the water chamber to keep the water constantly moving to result in a vapor-filled chamber that produces a flavorful, powerful dab. This rig features a 14mm female joint that is perfect for either a quartz banger or enail setup. This rig sits steady on a flared, stable base making it ideal for daily use in any glass collection. 

Oil Rig Features:

  • RooR Tech x PAG Collab
  • Authentic RooR Tech Bong
  • Serial number authenticator tag 
  • Color neck, perc, joint and base
  • See-through water chamber
  • Fixed Splatter diffuser 
  • Reinforced 14mm female joint
  • Bent neck with flared lip and maria
  • Quality borosilicate glass
  • Approximate rig height: 8"
  • Base Diameter: 4"
  • Made in the USA
  • Registered RooR Tech label
  • PAG polished logo

Added January 14, 2019