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Sabertooth Glass

Sabertooth - Quartz Terp Locker Banger

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An addition to our selection of high-quality concentrate nails is The Quartz Terp Locker Bangers by Sabertooth Glass. These Quartz Bangers make it easy to turn any 14mm or 18mm glass joint into a domeless dab nail. The unique design has an additional quartz 'cup' on the inside of the nail to help retain heat longer, resulting in more flavorful dabs with every use. 

Terp Locker Features:

  • Domeless concentrate nail
  • Dab utensil
  • Unique design 
  • Quartz banger
  • Slide joint: 14mm & 18mm 
  • Ground or Grindless joints available
  • Available in male and female
  • Quartz color: Clear
  • Logo: Sandblasted Sabertooth tiger
  • Requires use of a butane torch
  • Helps retain heat longer

Added May 1, 2017