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Santa Cruz Shredder Pollen Press - Large
Santa Cruz Shredder Pollen Press - Large
Santa Cruz Shredder Pollen Press - Large
Santa Cruz Shredder Pollen Press - Large
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Santa Cruz Shredder Pollen Press - Large

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Pollen Press by Santa Cruz Shredder is made with solid steel construction and features the same high quality standards you expect from Santa Cruz Shredder! With a textured grip cap at the bottom and a low-torque T-handle, the Santa Cruz Shredder pollen press delivers great results with minimal effort. The Santa Cruz Shredder logo is laser-engraved on the cylinder.

Pollen Press Features:

  • Includes 30mm weighted pressing disc
  • Engraved grooves on handle & bottom cap
  • Low torque T-handle
  • Solid machined construction
  • Height with T-handle extended: 7.50"
  • Height with T-handle descended: 5.50"
  • Chamber height: 2.50"
  • T-Shaped handle width: 4.50"
  • Press size: large
  • Logo: Santa Cruz Laser Engraved Logo
  • Made in USA


Why Press?

To avoid impurities in the material, gentle pressing is a must. Gentle mechanical pressing is the only way to provide for a crusty surface, which protects the material from oxidation and consequently also from the decay of the active agent. When resin is pressed without too much heat exposure (the most efficient way is to use a hairdryer) hardly any resin glands will burst and the natural coloring of the high-quality crystals won’t change. However, gentle heat of 170° Farenheit (75° celsius) maximum is required, since fresh THC contained in the material comes as acid and, in its chemically neutral form, needs to be activated to take the desired psychoactive effect.