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Ski Mask Glass x Coyle - Banana Spray Can Rig

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The collectible lunchbox series dab rig and pendy set from Ski Mask Glass & Coyle the Condenser. This limited edition lunch box collaboration includes a 14mm Banana Yellow spray paint can wax rig, matching heady glass spray can pendant and banana themed lunchpail protection case. The scientific banger style rig features a fixed 2-hole Diffy perc, 14mm direct inject joint and Black cap mouthpiece, this all in one set makes it the perfect dabbing starter kit. Shop our selection of heady dab rigs and glass accessories from Ski Mask Glass available at Aqua Lab Technologies today.

Oil Rig Features:

  • Collaboration Lunchbox series
  • Ski Mask X Coyle the Condenser
  • Realistic spray can design
  • Perc: Fixed 2-hole diffused downstem
  • Direct inject joint size: 14mm male
  • Includes matching vapor dome
  • Themed Thermos Lunchbox protection case
  • Authentic spray can dab rig with top load dome
  • Matching heady glass pendant with 30" bead chain
  • Banana Yellow logo sticker
  • Slide joint: 14mm female
  • Scientific Glass
  • Fat cap mouthpiece
  • Height from base to mouthpiece: 6.00 inches 
  • Height to top of rig joint: 3.5 inches
  • Base diameter: 2.00 inches
  • Color: Clear glass
  • Logo: Ski Mask x Coyle Yellow Banna logo
  • Made in New York

Added on March 10, 2016