Seed of Life Glassworks

SOL - Worked Lace Sphere Bongs

The Worked Lace-Sphere Bongs from Seed of Life Glasswork feature a stemless, splash-free design, a slender water chamber with the adored Lace-Sphere perc and beautiful crushed opal accents on the base, lip, and joint. Both the standard and XL versions are available and each includes a matching 3-pinch flower slide. The XL 16" bong features an 18mm female joint and the 14" bong has a 14mm joint. Seed Of Life Glassworks has been a staple brand on the Aqua Lab website for many years and each bong, rig and ash catcher by SOL is a prime example of high-end quality craftsmanship.

Bong Features:

  • Stemless, splash-less design
  • Slender mouthpiece with flared lip for comfort
  • Available with 14mm or 18mm bong joint
  • Worked Lace-Sphere perc
  • Matching 3-pinch slide 
  • Opal encasement in bridge
  • Crushed opal accents on the base, joint, and lip 
  • XL bong has 18mm joint and stands 16" tall
  • Standard bong has 14mm joint and stands 14" tall
  • Flared base diameter: 4 inches
  • Logo: SOL Sandblasted logo
  • Made in California

Added May 8, 2019