Smoking Screens

Titanium Screen - 1" - 40 Wire

Due to the durable nature of Titanium, these screens can endure higher temperatures than steel not fuming or adding any metallic taste to tobacco when filtering. Another advantage titanium screens have over steel is they can be flexed or bowed repeatedly without fracturing the wires making these screens easier to clean.

Titanium Screen Features:

  • 1.0-inch Diameter Screen
  • Made From Grade 2 Titanium
  • The screen is Flat - Not Dome Shaped
  • Best for Half Melt Resins
  • Mesh Size: 40 x 40
  • Wire Size: 0.010"
  • Hole Size: 0.0150"
  • One Screen per package

Cleaning your Titanium Screen:

You can extend the life of the titanium mesh filters if they are regularly cleaned. The normal procedure is to heat filter until the residue is burnt to ash. Gentle stroking with a safety pin will release most debris. Also soaking the dirty filters in alcohol and then burning clean can remove any debris. Do not bend or poke screen too hard. Many customers have told us they have used the same screen for over a year before replacing.