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Vibes - 1 1/4" Rolling Papers

Paper Type Organic Hemp
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Explore the diverse selection of the Vibes Papers - 1.25", containing 50 papers per pack in Rice or Ultra-Thin options. These meticulously crafted papers are available in Hemp, Rice, ultra-thin, and Organic Hemp varieties, catering to different smoking preferences.

VIBES RICE ROLLING PAPERS: Designed for extended smoking sessions, Vibes Rice Rolling Papers burn slowly and evenly, allowing you to appreciate the nuanced flavors of your dry herb fully. The thin rice paper ensures a smooth draw and a satisfying smoking experience from start to finish.

VIBES ULTRA-THIN ROLLING PAPERS: Embrace the pure essence of your material with Vibes Ultra-Thin Rolling Papers. With their ultra-thin construction, these papers minimize "paper smoke" interference, delivering a clean and flavorful smoke that accentuates the natural flavors of your herb.

VIBES HEMP ROLLING PAPERS: Enjoy a classic smoking experience with Vibes Hemp Rolling Papers. Crafted from natural hemp fibers, these papers offer a balanced burn rate, enhancing the taste profile of your herb while ensuring a slow and even burn for a consistent smoke session.

VIBES ORGANIC HEMP ROLLING PAPERS: Vibes Organic Hemp Papers in 1 ¼ size are the perfect choice for eco-conscious smokers. Made from 100% organic hemp fibers and featuring unbleached sheets, these papers provide a sustainable and natural smoking experience with every roll.

Crafted in France and meticulously cut and kitted in the Dominican Republic, Vibes Papers Box - 1.25" guarantees premium quality, superior burn characteristics, and an unparalleled smoking journey for enthusiasts who appreciate attention to detail and flavor purity.

Added on April 24, 2024