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Joel Halen Glass

Joel Halen has been producing Scientific Glass since 2001, and is a pioneer when it comes to Quartz dabbing accessories. His most recognized contributions include the Halen Honey Hole and the Quartz Trough, which are high quality, domeless Quartz concentrate nails, and are ideal for low temp dabbing. Halen’s highly sought after Quartz bangers and concentrate nails which he began creating around 2009 quickly brought him fame and a high demand for a product unlike anything he had experienced in the past. His Quartz concentrate nails are still quite popular, and quickly sell out despite gaining more competition in recent years. Joel currently resides in Colorado with his equally famous pet pig Cletus, and runs a small shop with a few employees he considers to be like family. Although he enjoys the worldwide attention and success that his Quartz Nails have experienced, he does dream of returning to working with boro where he feels his creative style shines brightest. Halen’s passion lies in his ability to showcase his artwork in a more functional sense, rather than just sticking to what is most popular. He recently expanded on his Trough Flow carb cap dabber, which now incorporates an airflow chamber slit on the Trough end for maximum dabbing efficiency. At Aqua Lab Technologies we carry an extensive collection of Joel Halen’s Glass to fit your needs, shop our variety of his Trough and Halen Hole Nails, Quartz Carb Caps and Sidecar Rodeo Dab Rigs