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Bubble Bags

Bubble Bags by Fresh Headies are a trusted, long-time industry leader when it comes to separation bags for cold water, solvent-less extracts. Based out of Canada, Bubble Bags first introduced their Original 8-Bag Kit back in 1999. Since then they have expanded their line of filtration bags and now offer the Standard and Lite versions to fit your individual harvesting needs. The popular 8-bag kit comes with 8 differently colored and micron-sized separation bags to conveniently separate your plant matter into different grades. Depending on the plant used, the crystal sizes will vary, and the multiple bag kit is designed to reliably provide the best extract possible. Each bag is made with triple stitched seams and German monofilament screens, and the waterproof coating on the bags are PVC free. Every kit is made to withstand 100+ uses and can be used for heavy duty, larger amounts of dry weight plant matter, as well as for smaller, personal amounts of product. Bubble Bags offers their bags in singles, as well as multiple bag kits like the 4-bag and 8-bag kit, and they are available in the Original, Standard or Lite versions, as well as different gallon sizes. To preserve the integrity and longevity of your bags, make sure to rinse them with cold water after every use and hang them to properly dry out completely before storing to prevent any mold or rot. Please note to never rinse bags with warm or hot water, as it will only clog the screen and melt any leftover trichomes. If this occurs, you may rinse bags with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to clean, after cleaning rinse bags with cold water and hang dry. Every bag is made with 400-800 thread count, heavy duty, Nylon, and each kit can process between 2 ounces all the way up to 2 pounds, depending on the gallon size and version. Shop our wide selection of dependable separation products from Bubble Bags at Aqua Lab Technologies today.

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