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Vaporizers have gained popularity in recent years, with more states voting in favor of relaxed Medical Marijuana laws.  Many consider using a vaporizer or vape pen to be a more health conscious alternative to smoking herb from a Bong or Glass Pipe. Vaporizers gradually heat up your plant, hash or wax material until it produces a thin cloud of vaped smoke which is less harsh on the lungs when inhaled.  We offer a variety of forms of Vaporizers – whether you prefer a plug in stay at home desktop model like our Hot Box Vaporizer, or take your cannabis and dabs to go with our selection of Vape pens like the Dr. Dabber Light Kit. The Pax 2 Vaporizer will vape your herb and plant material, while the Ionix vape pen from Grav Labs makes vaping your wax and hash oil dabs easy, portable, and discreet.
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