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Ash Catchers

Ash Catchers or Pre-Coolers are an excellent way to add extra diffusion and filtration to your glass bong or water pipe, while simultaneously keeping your water and smoking piece cleaner for longer. The removable attachment is available in different shapes and styles and they generally offer an extra perc inside of the catcher. In addition to filtering your water and providing more diffused hits, they can be an inexpensive way to upgrade an older or plainer style piece. The ash catcher catches the resin and ash left over from your hits of flower and helps to cool your smoke before inhalation. Available in both 14mm and 18mm sizes, ash catchers come in 45 and 90-degree angles as well to perfectly fit your individual piece. Attaching a J-Hook to your glass ash catcher will transform it into a portable and functional handheld pipe too! The versatile and affordable ash catcher is available from different artists such as GRAV, Seed of Life GlassWorks, HVY and Cheech Glass, shop our selection of clear and frosted glass Ash Catchers at Aqua Lab Technologies today.
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