Herb grinders and shredders are the perfect way to break down weed for joint rolling, or to enjoy your herb from a pipe or bong. High quality titanium and aluminum grinders feature sharp, diamond cut teeth to shred and finely grind your herb effortlessly, resulting in a more evenly burned and all around smoother smoking experience. Many grinders feature multiple levels and removable compartments, like the kief catcher located at the very bottom of the grinder. This piece catches all of your kief or dry sift that is extracted as you shred your plant material, ensuring you never lose any of those precious trichomes. Shop brands such as Santa Cruz Shredder, Space Case, Kannastor, and Cosmic Case multi-piece grinders at Aqua Lab Technologies today.
Santa Cruz Shredders

Santa Cruz Shredder - Vogue Spray Grinder


Space Case

Space Case - Scout Herb Grinder

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Kannastor - 2.5" Four Piece Grinder Jar

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Cosmic Case

Cosmic Case - Small Super Shredder Grinder

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Cheech Glass

Cheech Glass - Premium 4pt Grinder

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Mason Grinder

Mason Grinder Jar Top Herb Grinder

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