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Dive into the world of solventless extraction with Rosin Tech Products, a trailblazer in introducing top-tier products for both enthusiasts and professionals. Recognized for its commitment to quality and innovation, Rosin Tech Products has been instrumental in making solventless oil extraction accessible to all.

At Aqua Lab Technologies, we're proud to present a handpicked collection of Rosin Tech Products. As the cannabis landscape shifts, the quest for clean, solvent-free extraction methods intensifies. Our selection embodies this shift, spotlighting the Rosin Tech method—an avant-garde technique in resin and trichome extraction that sidesteps solvents, harnessing only heat and pressure.

Whether you're a hobbyist pressing a few nugs in the comfort of your home or a commercial producer scaling up operations, our assortment is tailored for every need. Our lineup boasts cutting-edge rosin presses, expertly crafted filter bags, precision-engineered pre-press molds, and superior parchment papers, ensuring your extraction journey is smooth, efficient, and fruitful.

Rosin Tech Products is not just about equipment; it's about transforming the way we perceive cannabis concentrates. With products crafted in the USA, tailored for diverse production scales, and designed for maximum efficiency, Rosin Tech Products stands as a testament to excellence in the solventless extraction arena.


1. What is Rosin? Rosin is the epitome of purity in cannabis concentrates. It promises a pristine experience by retaining the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis plant, offering users the sought-after entourage effect.

2. How is Rosin Made? Rosin's allure lies in its uncomplicated nature. Whether derived from flowers or solventless concentrates, the combination of heat and pressure crafts a concentrate rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. This technique maintains the intrinsic harmony of these compounds, setting it apart from some solvent-based methods.

Explore our collection and redefine your extraction experience with Rosin Tech Products, where quality meets innovation.

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Rosin Tech Products

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Mean Skreenz - Micron Concentrate Filters

Regular price $11.20 USD Sale price $11.20 USD Regular price $16.00 USD
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Vendor: Oil Slick

Oil Slick - Slick Wrap 12" x 600"

Oil Slick
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Vendor: Raw Papers

RAW - 4" x 13ft Unbleached Parchment Paper

Raw Papers
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Vendor: Payload Bags

Payload Bags - Rosin Pressing Screen

Payload Bags
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Sold out MADE IN USA
Vendor: Rosin Technologies

Rosin Technologies - Pneumatic Rosin Press

Rosin Technologies
Regular price $3,400.00 USD Sale price $3,400.00 USD Regular price $3,400.00 USD