Glass Bubblers are an ideal way to consume your flower, as they combine the water filtration present in a standard bong within the portable convenience of a dry hand pipe - offering the best of both worlds.  Bubblers are a desirable piece to use while traveling since they are easy to pack up and store, require minimal water to function, and can be easily hidden. Often used with flower, bubblers can also be used as a wax bong or oil rig if the design of the piece allows for it. A hammer style bubbler features a straight and elongated neck attached to a squat or cylindrical shaped body where the water is placed, Bubblers are also available in the popular Sherlock style design as well. The recently released Blunt Bubbler from MJ Arsenal allows you to enjoy a joint or blunt with the added benefit of water filtration for a smoother, more enjoyable hit of flower. The pocket sized bubbler is perfect for outdoor use, or seshes with friends. Many styles of Bubblers from a variety of glass artists are available on our site to fit your individual preference. Affordable and quality made flower, recycler or vapor bubblers offer excellent water filtration producing more flavorful hits of herb every time.

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