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Shop our large collection of bongs and water pipes, we carry something for everyone. Glass Bongs and Silicone Bongs have become the preferred devices for smoking cannabis. Take a look at our entire bong store.

Bongs and water pipes are an ideal choice for cannabis consumption and are available in an almost endless variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and perc functionality.

Many people believe bongs get you higher. The main purpose of a bong or water pipe is to filter and cool your herb smoke before inhalation. This effortless cooling ability makes it a superior choice above a standard dry pipe or joint if smoother, more enjoyable hits of flower are what you’re after. An added bonus to cooler hits is the extra filtration and diffusion present when smoking through a water pipe.

Straight and beakers

The shape of your bong can also contribute to the type of toking experience you prefer. Straight tube bongs are a tried and true classic water pipe design that is simple and usually has a fixed or removable downstem perc.

These generally have a wider base to balance out the skinny body design. Beaker bongs are crafted with a wide, triangular base that can support more water volume and hold more smoke. This wider design allows for more creative percolators and functionality as well.

Silicone bongs

Our selection of silicone bongs offers a cheaper and more break-resistant option for those who prefer something a bit simpler. Silicone-style water pipes are highly affordable, and get the job done without a lot of fancy removable features.

They are available in different bright colors and come with straight or bubble-bottom body designs. Silicone bongs are the latest craze as they are bendable, break-resistant, and can go just about anywhere you can! Made with food-grade silicone, these have quickly become a popular piece among the more adventurous and outdoor types of smokers.

Silicone bongs now feature glass downstems and flower bowls and are usually made with a suction cup base to ensure they stick through any smoking situation.

Percolators and downstems

Bongs provide an exceptional array of features and percolator functions to fit your individual needs. A percolator or diffusor is an easy way to upgrade and enhance your smoking experience while providing an intense burst of bubble filtration with every hit. The size and shape of individual perc may vary for each glass artist, but there are a few standard types of percs available. Fixed stem perc is the simplest one, and is made much like a standard downstem and is not removable from the pipe.

The showerhead perc resembles its namesake and is one of the most popular styles around, we even carry showerhead downstems from Alex K glass. They are designed with multiple slits or holes, which help to force your herb smoke down through the water where it is cooled. Bongs with a tree or arm percolators feature multiple glass ‘arms’ stacked vertically, usually designed with extra holes or slits within for maximum diffusion. Inline percolators are cylinder-shaped with gridded slits engrained throughout and are placed horizontally inside the bottom of the bong.

Why buy your bong from Aqua Lab Technologies?

With over 15 years of experience and professionalism, Aqua Lab offers possibly the largest selection of glass bongs and heady water pipes online, even offering a large selection of quality, American-made cheap bongs.

Our bong and glass pipe selection offers many varieties of percolators, water chamber styles, and joint sizes. Whether you are shopping for a heavy-hitting dual-chamber bong, an affordable daily driver, or a silicone bong for travel we are your one-stop bong shop, shipping worldwide daily. We offer great customer service, quality glass, and discreet shipping to your door, FAST!

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