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Marley Natural

 Marley Natural is the official Bob Marley Cannabis and Cannabis accessory brand. Founded in November of 2014, Marley Natural is a small company dedicated to producing products that follow the well-known legacy and ideals of its namesake, singer, and activist Bob Marley. The Glass smoking accessories and body care items the company produces are available nationwide, while a select group of storefront cannabis clinics carries the Marley Natural Marijuana strains. The company makes environmentally conscious choices whenever they can; their signature Black Walnut wood that accompanies many of the Glass smoking accessories is sustainably sourced from North America. Marley Natural has also founded the Rise Up project, which focuses on environmental issues affecting farmers and citizens around the globe. They also make sure to give back agriculturally and socially in any way that they can, to contribute to bettering the way of life for locals in Jamaica, Bob Marley’s birthplace and homeland.

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