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2K Glass - Dual MeshLine to Royal Perc

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Introducing the Dual MeshLine to Royal perc bongs from 2K Glass Art, proudly handmade in sunny Southern California. These scientific glass bongs are meticulously crafted to provide the smoothest smoking experience possible, thanks to their Dual Mini MeshLine and Gridded Royal perc design. With every hit, bubbles will stack upon bubbles for an unparalleled smoking experience. Plus, the 4-hole screen slidewith a horn handle ensures a big hit every time.

Measuring approximately 17 inches in height and boasting a 5-inch base diameter and 44mm tube diameter, this 18mm Female Stemless design features a reinforced bridge and three ice pinches for a sturdy, reliable design. And, with the 2K Glass Art logo proudly displayed, you can trust that you're getting a quality product.

The best part? This bong comes complete and ready to use straight out of the box, so you can start enjoying your smoking experience right away. So why wait? Upgrade your smoking game with the Dual MeshLine to Royal Perc bongs from 2K Glass Art today! 

Don't forget to add an Herb Grinder to your order!

Bong Features:

  • Scientific Glass
  • 18mm Female Stemless design
  • Reinforced bridge
  • Three ice pinches
  • Dual mini MeshLine gridded perc
  • Gridded Royal perc
  • Four-hole screen bong slide with horn handle
  • Approximate Height: 17 inches
  • Base Diameter: 5 inches
  • Tube Diameter: 44mm
  • 2K Glass Art Logo
  • Made in Southern California, U.S.A.

Added on February 28, 2023