Diamond Glass

Diamond - Mini Accent Beaker Bong

A new addition to our cheap bong selection is the Diamond Glass Mini Accent Beaker Bongs. This bong is affordably priced, made from quality boro glass and it is the perfect sized waterpipe for daily use.  The mini bong features a beaker-shaped water chamber with a fixed bent neck downstem with 3 diffusion slits, flower slide, and ice notches. Diamond Glass bongs and rigs are quality and affordably priced water pipes with high function. Each bong is complete and ready to enjoy right out of the box. 

Mini Beaker Features:

  • Mini fixed stem beaker bong
  • Color accents on base and lip
  • Bent downstem with 3 diffusion slits
  • Bong joint size: 14mm female
  • Straight neck design with ice pinches
  • Flask base water chamber
  • Premium hand-blown borosilicate glass
  • 14mm flower slide with roll stop handle
  • Diamond Glass gold logos 
  • Approximate height: 9 inches
  • Base diameter: 4 inches

Added April 7, 2019