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DC | Cobra E-nail Heater Coil

Choose Your Coil Size XL 25mm
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Unleash the power of precise temperature control with the Disorderly Conduction Cobra Coil. Perfect for heating your Quartz Bangers, Toro Slurpers, and Highly Educated Control Towers, this flexible heating solution comes in two convenient sizes: XL or XXL. Compatible with all Disorderly Conduction e-nails, the DC Cobra Coil offers a versatile range of motion. To ensure stability when used with a 3D-printed DC e-nail, a DC Stand is highly recommended due to the weight of the flex coil. The XL Coil is designed for most standard 25mm quartz bucket styles and is recommended to be heated between 600-700°F. The XXL Coil, suitable for most 30mm buckets, Highly Educated Control Towers, DCS Slurpers, and Toro Slurpers, is recommended to be heated between 650-750°F. Enjoy unparalleled temperature control with the DC Cobra Coil.

Heater Coil Features:

  • Two coil sizes are available
  • XL & XXL
  • Flex Coil
  • 120Volt 120Watt
  • Compatible with Pelinail
  • Includes 5 Pin XLR connector
  • Complete Length: 14 inches

Added February 7, 2023