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20 Gallon 4 Bag Kit - Bubble Bags Lite

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Introducing Bubble Bags Lite from Fresh Headies, designed for the budget-conscious home user without compromising quality. These bags are a more affordable alternative to the Original Bubble Bags, offering the same precision in trichome separation but in a lighter fabric. For those new to extraction or looking for a cost-effective solution, Bubble Bags Lite maintains the high standards of the Bubble Bags brand.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality German Mono-filament Material: Crafted with the same German-made fabric screen used in the Original Bubble Bags, ensuring top-quality trichome separation.

  • Heat-Stamped Screens: The screens are heat-stamped for a consistent pore size, which is crucial for maintaining the purity and quality of your extracts.

  • Durable and Lightweight Design: While lighter than the Original Bubble Bags, these bags still boast a triple-stitched nylon fabric with a 400 thread count, ensuring durability.

  • Eco-Friendly: Each bag features a 100% PVC-free waterproof coating, aligning with eco-conscious practices.

  • Specifications:

    • Weight: 200 GSM
    • Thread: 3-Ply Polyester
    • Expected Lifetime: 100 Uses
    • 1-Year Warranty Against Defects

Kit Contents:

  • Micron Sizes: The kit includes 25µ, 73µ, 160µ, and 220µ bags (µ = micron), allowing for a comprehensive range of extraction grades.

  • Additional Accessories: The kit has two drying screens and a non-woven fabric carrying case for convenient storage and transport.

Capacity and Versatility:

  • Generous Processing Volume: Each 20-gallon Bubble Bag Lite kit can process up to 2 pounds or approximately 1 kilogram (dry weight) of plant material, making it ideal for personal use.


Bubble Bags Lite offers an affordable entry into the world of high-quality cannabis extraction. Whether you're a novice extractor or simply seeking a more budget-friendly option, these bags provide the perfect balance of quality and value. Experience the efficiency and reliability of Bubble Bags Lite and take your extraction process to the next level.

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