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BTGB - 14mm Yoshake Dab Rig

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Presenting the 14mm Yoshake Dab Rigs by BTGB Glass - a harmonious fusion of vintage nostalgia and unmatched craftsmanship. Recognized as the larger counterpart of the Master Shake pieces, the BTGB Yoshake stands out in the realm of heady glass dab rigs. Each rig is a masterpiece, showcasing a meticulously designed Yoshi figure, a tribute to the iconic Super Mario Bros Nintendo series. Set against a sandblasted water chamber backdrop, the intricate detailing of these rigs is a testament to their premium quality.

The dab rig is thoughtfully designed with a fixed female joint, further enhanced by an external arm. Strategically positioned beneath Yoshi's tail is a 3-hole perc, ensuring optimal diffusion for a superior dabbing experience. When paired with its female joint, it seamlessly complements your quartz banger. Beyond its exceptional functionality, this heady glass dab rig serves as a nostalgic nod for video game enthusiasts and a coveted artifact for discerning glass collectors.

Dab Rig Highlights:

  • Exclusivity: Limited edition, a true collector's gem.
  • Design Evolution: The BTGB Yoshake is an expanded version of the renowned Master Shake pieces.
  • Design Aesthetics: A standout heady glass dab rig with a unique design.
  • Artistic Nuances: Features an encased Yoshi figure, capturing the essence of gaming nostalgia.
  • Perc Feature: Efficient 3-hole diffused perc for a refined experience.
  • Joint Specs: 14mm Female joint, ensuring a snug fit.
  • Physical Dimensions: Majestically stands at 7 inches with a 3-inch base diameter.
  • Color Palette: Captivating Xenomorph / Lotus shades.
  • Unique Identifier: Distinctly numbered as #25, adding an element of exclusivity.
  • Signature Touch: Engraved with the BTGB logo, affirming its authenticity.
  • Craftsmanship: Expertly handcrafted in the U.S.A., reflecting unparalleled skill and precision.

Experience the epitome of dabbing with the Yoshake Dab Rig, where artistry meets functionality in the world of heady glass dab rigs.

Added on October 27, 2023