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Protection Cases

If you plan to travel with your glass smoking piece chances are you will want to make sure it is well protected from any unexpected or unwanted occurrences.  At Aqua Lab we carry a range of large protective cases from padded duffel bags to hard plastic lockable protection cases from trusted brands like RYOT, Protek and Pelican Case; The non-descript design makes them optimal for travel or flights where discretion is key. These wider and taller storage units are perfect for concealing and protecting a large bong, heady dab rig or an expensive E-nail setup.  If you want to safely house something smaller like a glass pipe, our zipper pouches from Shellz provide a cheap and protective zippered casing. The Krypto Kit and Pack Ratz cases from RYOT guarantee a smell-safe, padded way to safely store your pipe or one hitter. Bong cases help keep your glass safe from dirt, dust, debris, cracks and accidental breakage, shop online through our wide selection of different sizes, shapes and colors of Protection Cases available at Aqua Lab Technologies today. 


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