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Cookies - 7mm Flame Straight Bong

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Introducing Cookies Glass 7mm Flame Straight Bongs, the epitome of quality and convenience. Designed for immediate enjoyment, this bong comes complete with a 14mm flower slide, allowing you to experience its excellence right out of the box.

Crafted from high-quality 7mm thick glass, this bong offers durability and reliability, making it perfect for daily use. Its ideal size ensures a comfortable smoking experience without compromising on functionality.

The straight-shot water chamber features a removable downstem perc, providing excellent filtration and smooth hits. With a one-hole deep flower bowl, you can pack your favorite herbs and enjoy flavorful sessions every time.

Highlighted with Flame Polished logos, this bong showcases its unique character and style. It's a true reflection of Cookies' commitment to quality and innovation.

Made from premium hand-blown borosilicate glass, this bong delivers exceptional performance and longevity. With an approximate height of 17 inches and a base diameter of 5 inches, it strikes the perfect balance between stability and portability.

The 50mm tube diameter and 7mm glass thickness ensure a satisfying smoking experience with each draw. Expect smooth and flavorful hits that will elevate your smoking ritual to new heights.

In addition to its outstanding features, this bong includes a Cookies x Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp grinder, allowing you to prepare your herbs with ease and precision. The inclusion of a Cookies box adds a touch of luxury to your purchase.

Designed in California, U.S.A., Cookies glass 7mm Flame Straight Bongs embody the spirit of excellence and innovation. Experience the perfect fusion of quality, convenience, and style with every session.

 Bong Features:

  • Flame Straight bong
  • Cookies bite ice catch
  • 14mm thick flower slide
  • Thick female joint with logo 
  • Removable 14/18mm 8-slit Twist Spiral Grated diffused downstem
  • Downstem length: 5 inches
  • Premium hand-blown borosilicate glass
  • Approximate height: 17 inches
  • Base diameter: 5 inches
  • Tube diameter: 50mm
  • Glass thickness: 7mm
  • Deep Etched Flame polished Cookies logos
  • Cookies x Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp grinder included
  • Includes Cookies box
  • Authentic Cookies Product
  • Designed in California, U.S.A.

Added June 29, 2023