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Scientific Inhalations introduces a groundbreaking advancement in filtration technology with McFinn's Original Filter Systems. Redefining the smoking experience, Scientific Inhalations offers a superior way to enjoy your smoke with its exceptional range of quality glass rigs, pipes, filters, and ash catchers.

The key to McFinn's Original Filters lies in their meticulous craftsmanship. These innovative filters are expertly handcrafted in the USA by professional glass artisans using premium-quality glass and ground joints. You have the option to fill the filters with either Organic Cotton or Virgin Coconut Carbon, ensuring a customized and optimized smoking experience.

By using McFinn's Original Filter Systems, you can enjoy the benefits of a cooler and cleaner delivery method while still preserving the potency and flavor of your chosen herb or concentrate. Scientific Inhalations' dedication to excellence and attention to detail shines through in every aspect of their products.

Completing McFinn's Original Filter System is the handmade Filter Adapter, meticulously crafted with high-quality Schott glass in California. This adapter perfectly integrates with the system, further enhancing the overall filtration process.

Discover the future of smoking with McFinn's Original Filter Systems by Scientific Inhalations. Embrace a healthier and more enjoyable smoking experience that combines cutting-edge technology, top-notch craftsmanship, and the purest form of indulgence. Elevate your smoking sessions to new heights with the innovation that only Scientific Inhalations can provide.

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Scientific Inhalations

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SI Pipes - Activated Coconut Carbon

Scientific Inhalations
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