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Torpedos - Pre-Rolled Paper Cones (3 pc)

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Torpedo Cones, the ultimate solution for those who are tired of rolling. These pre-rolled cones from one of the most beloved brands out there are perfect for enjoying your favorite herbs. Made from a perfect blend of rice and hemp, Torpedo Cones offers an ultra-thin paper that provides a slow burn and a satisfyingly 'clean' smoking experience. All Torpedo Cones are 100% natural and tobacco-free, providing a completely natural smoking experience. And the best part? They come in packs of three, making it even easier to enjoy your favorite herbs without the hassle of rolling. Try Torpedo Cones today and elevate your smoking experience!

Cones Feature:

  • 3 smoking cones per tube
  • Rolling paper cone
  • Filter tip included
  • Ultra-thin
  • Made from Rice & Hemp
  • Burn slow & clean
  • Does not contain tobacco or nicotine
  • Complete length: 4.2 inches

Added February 27, 2023