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Cheech - Dichro Worked Mini Recycler Rig

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Indulge in the exquisite experience of dabbing with the Cheech Glass 9-inch Dichro Worked Recycler Dab Rig. This meticulously crafted rig is made from premium borosyndicate glass and bears the official endorsement of Cheech Marin. Featuring a reinforced female joint and a recycling section, this rig is built to last. The fixed shower head perc ensures superior diffusion, while the angled neck with flared lip provides a sophisticated aesthetic. Complete with a matching 14mm flower bowl with a handle and colored glass accents, this rig exudes elegance. Designed in Canada, this rig is a symbol of refined taste.

Recycler Features:

  • Mid-sized, can shape water chamber
  • Reinforced shower head percolator 
  • Angled neck with flared lip
  • Includes matching 14mm flower bowl with handle
  • Colored glass accents
  • Joint size: 14mm female
  • Wide base for extra stability 
  • Made from quality boro syndicate glass
  • Height to top of mouthpiece: 9 inches
  • Height to top of slide joint: 5 inches
  • Base diameter: 3 inches
  • Sizes may vary
  • Cheech logo
  • Designed in Canada

Added April 11, 2023