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RooR Tech - 18" Fixed Straight Bong

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Are you in the market for a high-quality bong that can provide exceptional percolation and maximum volume within the water chamber? Look no further than the 18" RooR Tech bong! This authentic German-designed bong boasts a stemless straight design with a 50mm diameter mouthpiece and flared lip for comfort and features 3 ice notches for those who prefer a cooler toke. In this article, we'll dive into the features of this remarkable bong, including the reinforced multi-slit Bell Perc fixed in the chamber, and the included 18mm RooR classic 3-pinch bong slide.

Let's start with the basics. The 18" RooR Tech bong is an authentic, high-quality bong that is designed in Germany and handblown in California, USA. It features a clear scientific glass construction, with a stemless body design and a flared base diameter of 5.5 inches. The tube diameter measures 50mm, and the glass is 5mm thick, made from premium boro glass.

One unique feature of the 18" RooR Tech bong is the inclusion of a serial number authenticator tag, which ensures that your bong is a genuine RooR Tech product. This tag is located on the side of the bong, near the reinforced 18mm female joint.

One of the standout features of the 18" RooR Tech bong is its stemless body design. This means that the bong does not have a removable downstem, which can make cleaning and maintenance easier. Additionally, stemless bongs tend to provide a smoother smoking experience, as there is less air resistance within the bong.

For those who prefer a cooler toke, the 18" RooR Tech bong also features three ice notches. These notches allow you to add ice cubes to the bong's neck, which cools the smoke as it passes through the bong. This can make for a more enjoyable smoking experience, as the smoke will be less harsh on your throat and lungs.

The reinforced multi-slit Bell Perc is the star of the show when it comes to the 18" RooR Tech bong's performance. This fixed perc is located within the bong's water chamber and provides exceptional percolation as smoke passes through it. The multi-slit design ensures that the smoke is evenly distributed throughout the water, which can result in a smoother and more flavorful smoking experience.

Additionally, the Bell Perc is designed to maximize the volume within the water chamber, which can help to filter out impurities from the smoke. This can make for a cleaner, more enjoyable smoking experience overall.

The 18" RooR Tech bong comes with an included 18mm RooR classic 3-pinch bong slide, which is the perfect complement to this high-quality bong. The 3-pinch design helps to prevent ash and debris from being sucked into the bong, which can help to keep your hits clean and flavorful.

Stemless Bong Features:

  • Authentic RooR Tech Bong
  • Serial number authenticator tag 
  • Stemless body design
  • Three ice notches
  • Reinforced 18mm female joint
  • Diffused water chamber
  • Fixed Bell Perc 
  • RooR 3 pinch slide included
  • Complete bong height: 18 inches
  • Flared base diameter: 5.5 inches
  • Clear Scientific Glass
  • Tube diameter: 50mm
  • 5mm thick, premium boro glass
  • Registered RooR Tech label
  • Designed in Germany
  • Handblown in California, U.S.A.

Added April 25, 2023