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Vibes - Cubano Cone

Paper Type Hemp
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Get the party started with Vibes Cubano Cones, the largest cones from Vibes, holding 8+ grams each. Featuring a built-in tip and natural hemp construction with Acacia tree gum, these cones maintain their structural integrity even when fully packed with your favorite herb. Choose from Ultra Thin, Rice, or Hemp variants, all free from added calcium carbonate for a pure smoking experience.

Key Features of Vibes Cubano Cones:

  • Largest Vibes Cones Available: Enjoy the massive capacity of Vibes Cubano Cones, holding 8+ grams each for extended smoking sessions.
  • Quantity: One Cone per pack
  • Built-in Vibes Filter: The Cubano Cones come with a built-in filter for a smooth smoking experience.
  • Natural Acacia Tree Gum: Sealed with natural gum from the Acacia tree, ensuring a secure seal without added calcium carbonate.
  • No Added Calcium Carbonate: Experience pure smoking with Vibes Cubano Cones, free from added chemicals.
  • Variety of Options: Available in ultra-thin, Rice, or Hemp papers to suit your burn rate preferences.
  • Structural Integrity: These cones maintain their shape and integrity, even when filled to the brim with your favorite herb.

Whether it's a festival or a casual gathering, Vibes Cubano Cones are designed to keep the party going all night long with their impressive capacity and quality construction.

Added on April 24, 2024