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Vibes - One Gram Cali

Paper Type Rice
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Discover The Cali by VIBES 1 Gram, an exceptional pre-roll designed to elevate your smoking experience. Crafted with precision and care, this premium product embodies Berner's renowned rolling style, ensuring optimal airflow, comfortable pulls, and a satisfying big-smoke session.

The Cali's wide, cylindrical shape is engineered for maximum airflow, allowing for smooth and effortless draws with each puff. Its built-in filter tip not only stabilizes the pre-roll for easy packing but also filters out any unwanted particles, delivering a clean and pure smoking experience.

Hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic using high-quality cannabis cultivated in France, The Cali by VIBES Rolling Papers offers unparalleled quality and consistency. It's available in four distinct blends, each carefully curated to provide a unique and flavorful smoking journey.

Key Features of The Cali by VIBES:

  • 1G Capacity: Each pack contains 3 pre-rolls, perfect for convenient use and sharing.
  • Wide, Cylindrical Shape: Engineered for optimal airflow and a big-smoke experience.
  • Built-in Filter Tip: Provides stability for easy packing and filters out unwanted particles.
  • Easy-To-Pack Design: Ensures a hassle-free smoking session every time.
  • 4 Blends Available: Choose from Hemp, Rice, Ultra Thin, and Organic Hemp for your preferred smoking experience.
  • Cultivated In France: High-quality cannabis sourced from France ensures premium taste and potency.
  • Hand-Rolled In Dominican Republic: Crafted with expertise and attention to detail for consistent quality.

Entrepreneur and Bay Area rapper Berner's personal touch is evident in every aspect of The Cali by VIBES, making it a must-have for connoisseurs seeking a refined and enjoyable smoking experience. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to the scene, The Cali delivers unmatched quality and satisfaction.

Added on April 24, 2024