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Mathematix Glass - 32mm Beaker Bong

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When refinement meets precision, the result is the Mathematix Glass 32mm Beaker Bong. Crafted with love in the USA, this water pipe seamlessly marries the traditional allure of the beaker design with a modern, compact form, bringing forward a piece that resonates with both veterans and new enthusiasts alike.

Why Dive into the Mathematix Beaker Bong Experience?
Standing at an approximate height of 12 inches, this bong is a testament to the wonders of streamlined design, combining robust diffusion capabilities with a pleasingly compact stature. The narrow mouthpiece ensures each draw is splash-free, prioritizing user comfort.

Features to Fall For:

  • Design: Celebrate the timeless beaker bottom water pipe design, which promises consistent, smooth hits with every use.

  • Diffusion: The included 14/18mm diffused downstem refines your smoke, ensuring that harshness remains a stranger to your sessions.

  • Size & Tubing: With a 12-inch height and 32mm diameter tubing, this bong is a testament to optimum proportions delivering maximum performance.

  • Bowl: An elegantly designed 14mm herb bong slide with a maria handle adds function with a hint of flair.

  • Material: Sculpted from 5mm thick borosilicate glass, ensuring resilience while offering clarity to the magic unfolding within.

  • Authenticity Stamp: Emblazoned with the Mathematix Glass logos, each bong proudly carries its mark of authenticity and heritage.

Every Detail, Considered:
Every facet of this bong, from its beaker base diameter to the precision of its downstem length, has been meticulously thought out. Ready to use and primed to impress, this bong is a promise of unparalleled sessions.

Become a part of the Mathematix story. Enjoy a blend of Southern Californian craftsmanship and forward-thinking design, promising consistency, style, and a memorable smoking experience every time.

    Added June 3, 2021